Well you got this far. So here is a story of a lad from Cleveland, Ohio who learned German from a crazy great-grandma; went to become a rocket scientist in the corn fields of West Lafayette, Indiana; met a girl and dragged her to Detroit, Michigan; made her his wife, hung out in pubs in Galway; and eventually got around to writing novels and designing cars.

I’m N H Kendall, or Nick, I’m an engineer working with the Ford Motor Company in a field called “Air Handling Sub-Systems.” The long and short of it is that I primarily work on the ducts and registers that make you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

It also makes me extremely aware of anyone’s climate control settings when I first get into their car.

I am very proud of my work and of my company. I never thought I’d end up designing cars but that is okay. I did know I wanted to be an engineer and a writer. So far I’m one out of two, but I am working to fix that.

My wife, Brigid, and I both write speculative fiction. If you want to know more about my work – you are already in the right place! If you want to know more about her work – you should head over to Frosty Owl Publishing where she operates an independent publishing firm.

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