Killing the Mood

Nothing kills my mood like hearing that the people I’ve allied with are a bunch of fucking idiots.

I’ve spent time over the last few days getting berated by people who support pro/rel, people who in theory should be on my side. They don’t make me proud, that is for sure. Many seem to have this idea that it’ll be automatic. That the market can handle it. But with even MLS teams facing economic relegation (that is: running out of cash), there is no easy way to do this.

Don Garber is not going to stand on his desk tomorrow and shout “Promotion/Relegation… ACTIVATE!” and suddenly have a perfectly functioning system.

Side note: perhaps he and the USL Pro commissioner have to shout “Wonder Twin Powers: ACTIVATE” to get it to work… hmmm…

Regardless. I’m not one to enjoy looking the fool, and if the pro/rel bus is the proverbial short bus, then I don’t want to be on it. I want to be anywhere but on it.

So to pro/rel-ers out there. Beef up your arguments. You all sound like a bunch of fucking uneducated morons going on and on about how it is a conspiracy, or shady MLS dealings, or how USSF can step in and fix it all. You are really selling yourself and a unique part of soccer short by: not accepting the realities and difficulties faced by implementing this system; acting like it will cure all ills of soccer in the USA; and pretending that the argument “we will win world cups” is a legitimate one.


Sincerely, a former supporter of Promotion/Relegation