My Teams

A big portion of my life is spent living and dying watching sports tickers or catching a bit of a game at a bar. I love my teams. I know a lot of nerds and geek-types feel I am some sort of traitor, but I’ll be damned if I don’t scratch that tribal part of my soul from time to time.

I very much enjoy the passion of being not just a fan, but a supporter. Smoke in the air, drums holding a beat, banners waving in the wind. Whether it is painting tifos or donning my rouge et or kilt, I am proud to stand behind DCFC

So who are the bastards I will be belly-aching about?

Detroit City Football Club – the best thing to happen to American soccer. If you disagree you are wrong and can fuck right off to wherever you come from.

Sing for you City


Bone Yard

Newcastle United Football Club – the magpies from NE England are a long-time affair of mine. I am not nearly as engaged as I want to be.


Detroit Redwings – I like Zetterberg’s beard.

Detroit Lions – Lol.



Don’t ask about baseball or basketball. I am not going there.

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