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Word Count: 6,413

The climb upwards and onwards continues.

Again, today’s work was a mix of re-purposing old text and creating some new text all together. So don’t think I actually wrote over 3,500 words between getting home from work and now.

Luckily tomorrow is my last day of work for quite a while. It means a lot of time to write and catch back up to where I was. I am hoping to get about a chapter a day. I’m still in Chapter One right now, but it is a rather long chapter. It doesn’t have much left, but it does have a lot.

I am considering splitting it up. Not terribly fond of that idea, but it isn’t something I’d say “no” to if pushed or given a strong reason to do it, but right now it is remaining one chapter.

So far I am very pleased with progress. I think my character has been given a much more recognizable voice and a much stronger definition as a character.

Oíche mhaith!

Word Count: 2,791

A good chunk is brand new, but a good chunk is recycled. Prologue is done and I’ve made decent headway into chapter one, which is one of the longest chapters if I am remembering correctly. Hope is to wrap that up tomorrow at the latest.

Slán, bitches.