Upcoming Plans!

Hey guys!

The waiting  is nearly at an end, my busy summer is coming to a close and I’ll be able to devote more time to writing and posting here as well as devoting more time to my book again.

If you haven’t guessed I mostly took July off from writing to focus on Detroit City’s season. We’ve had a hell of a run so far and we are primed to bring back some silverware this weekend. I also managed to drag Brigid to Germany and we toured the Fransconian region of Bavaria drinking plenty of wine and beer as we went. I always have time to go back to Germany.

Up coming plans for posts:

  • Map making post, I posted some stuff on twitter I plan to elaborate a bit on this in a longer update

  • Conlanging, I have returned to square one with my Hadysh conlanging and I will be sharing some of my processes/insights again

  • Detroit City FC wrap-up, not that I posted much in the middle but I want to share my thoughts after an amazing season

  • General notes about writing and where my writing is and is going

So all-in-all expect more of the same, just not silence.

Sláinte everyone.