Word Count: 50,635


Wrapping up early tonight. These last few days have seen some great numbers being made and I’m very pleased with that. Today’s numbers are definitely short of yesterday’s but that is okay. There was significantly more new material for today. Went through the first half of a bumpy scene and am currently redoing another meandering scene to give it a bit of meaning and purpose.

That means taking significant steps away from what’s already on the page or knowing how to repurpose it, which takes a bit more time.

I also have a dishwasher to fight with, so there is that as well.

At this rate I’m hoping to wrap up the rewrite and get it out to the first readers again in February. That’s my hope anyway. I still have a few days left on my break so I got to use it as best as I can.

Anyway, I am getting sleepy. Might have some coffee or whiskey or both.

Sláinte, bitches!