The Pro/Rel Litmus Test

I want to add this as a sort of after-the-fact question to readers.

A lot (not all) of people who support Pro/Rel don’t root for teams in the MLS. A lot (but not all) of people who are against Pro/Rel do root for teams in the MLS.

So I would pose this as a sort of Litmus test on whether you support Pro/Rel or just want an MLS club: if you team was threatened with relegation, would you still support Pro/Rel? What if it was a rival getting promoted instead of you? This is where it sort of breaks down for me. Maybe?

I definitely want to see DCFC reach its potential, and promotion would sure make an easy way for that to happen. But can I take the bad with the good?

I don’t know. I think I know. But I don’t really know until it happens.

So ask yourself if you actually support Pro/Rel or just support your team moving up (as you should).

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