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Lexember #4 – p̌a̋f̥argẽ

I’ve long ago come to terms with the fact that my languages tend to go overboard on the accents. It’s probably because I am a fan of the 1:1 letters:sounds scripts. While sounds have variation it is stupid to assign two completely different sounds to one letter. C.f. c, g, j, s, and many more.

Instead each letter represents a single, specific sound.  represents the /pf/ bi-articulated sound from German found in words like pferd (horse) or, probably more well-known kampf (struggle). Sometimes it makes sense not to bother with a new letter if the difference is extremely minor. The m in mom is actually different from the m in symphony. Say “mom” and your lips come together to start the first /m/. Now start saying symphony and end on the m. Your lips want to come together but you’re already starting the /f/ so your /m/ is articulated slightly differently. This is /ɱ/.

Anyway, I’ve decided to translate a line from my book that would’ve been spoken in Hadysh. It is Einar speaking to Rozenn so it’s extra fun for me to see/hear a line from my book as it should “actually” be written.


P̌a̋f̥arg (masculine noun) – guard

Dual – p̌a̋f̥argr, Plural – p̌a̋f̥args

Object – p̌a̋f̥argẽ

Genitive – p̌a̋f̥argd

Instrument – ap̌a̋f̥argẽ


D’ min þodų. D’ nux á uže fargõ. D’ nux á uže p̌a̋f̥argẽ. Ǩo nux á ž̯utufẽ.

D’ min thoduah. D’ nux ai uzhe fargon. D’ nux ai uzhe pfaufwargen. Kso nux ai dzhutufen.


(Rough spot. Far from the castle. Far from the guard. Not far from trouble.)

Upcoming Plans!

Hey guys!

The waiting  is nearly at an end, my busy summer is coming to a close and I’ll be able to devote more time to writing and posting here as well as devoting more time to my book again.

If you haven’t guessed I mostly took July off from writing to focus on Detroit City’s season. We’ve had a hell of a run so far and we are primed to bring back some silverware this weekend. I also managed to drag Brigid to Germany and we toured the Fransconian region of Bavaria drinking plenty of wine and beer as we went. I always have time to go back to Germany.

Up coming plans for posts:

  • Map making post, I posted some stuff on twitter I plan to elaborate a bit on this in a longer update

  • Conlanging, I have returned to square one with my Hadysh conlanging and I will be sharing some of my processes/insights again

  • Detroit City FC wrap-up, not that I posted much in the middle but I want to share my thoughts after an amazing season

  • General notes about writing and where my writing is and is going

So all-in-all expect more of the same, just not silence.

Sláinte everyone.


This is going to be brief but in the last few minutes was reminded of a tale from the Paradox forums, where I am a moderator.

There was a popular user and fellow moderator who, when I was new to the staff, soon went silent. There were some parting remarks and the old guard exchanging niceties. And then they drifted away as the new guard came in to take over running the boards.

As always, there were promises to return and to share a pint when life’s troubles weren’t so bad.

A year or two ago I saw that he had some visitor messages posted, some dating back a few years more. People just asking how he was doing and when he’d be back to organize all those things he said he’d organize when he had time.

I had only checked his profile because a user had mentioned that they tried to PM him and it said his inbox was full, a no-no for staff. I asked the one or two old guard staff members left if they knew what was up.

“Yeah, he died back in 2007.”

“Oh,” I thought.

I wonder how many of those PMs in his inbox were internet friends dropping a line to see how he was, to see if he was coming back.

But you couldn’t tell from his profile. Some accomplishments, a few links to the forum rules. His location is “Out of exile.” There are a few visitor messages. The first, dated 2009 says, “Here’s hoping you’re in good healthl and life is treating you well XXX. :)” [sic]


If we ever get a new forum, would they transfer over his profile? Would it be automatic? Or would someone consciously make the decision whether or not to move him over?


And slowly, the internet collects ghosts. Not metaphysical ghosts. Real ghosts. The little pieces of ourselves we uploaded and then, inevitably, leave behind.

Word Count: 90,728

Hey guys. I didn’t do any writing yesterday, instead electing to have some beers and BBQ at a local place and then retire to the bedroom to watch some youtube on the TV before going to bed super early.

It was a great refresher and helped me get a lot done today. Well, that and several cups of coffee. So huge amount of progress made today! I’m probably around 20,000-25,000 words from the end depending on all sorts of things. But huzzahs all around!

I’m not going to purposely try to break 100k tomorrow, but if it gets into reach, I’ll shoot for it.

Oíche maith!


Ahmed Merabet

From Twitter.

I looked at this picture for a long time. Probably cutting pretty deeply into my writing. It was after I worked on my Irish lessons and before I blocked my browser in my normal two-hour increments.

I care very deeply about the right to have something published. To have ideas and dogma criticized publicly. Not just because I write, because this isn’t really my main “thing.”

And not just because I’m a spiteful Atheist full of anger toward other religions.

But because no society has gotten better because it spent too much time insisting everything is great.

Anyway, not the point.

The point is that I spent a lot of time looking at this picture of a man who died because he was in the wrong place at the wrong time and he was senselessly executed because he stood between a madman and his intended targets.

I don’t know much about Ahmed Merabet. I don’t know what he thought about Charlie Hebdo. I don’t know what he thought of international terrorism or how important his Muslim faith was to him.

Maybe someone will enlighten us in time.

But what I do know is what doesn’t happen anymore.

While I was staring at this, Brigid called me over to watch a silly YouTube video. And I could.



And he can’t.

Word Count: 26,658

Only got about 1,500 words written today, but I also took today easy with the holiday and everything. Played some minecraft, took time writing because I fear this section could sort of slip a bit. It involves two characters whose relationship is different in the end then at this point so I’m afraid of writing like the end and not the  beginning. Often means constantly stopping and revising.

So, as holidays come and go, I hope they are all great.


Word Count: 25,145

Chapter Seven finished, Chapter Eight is wrapping up but I’ll finish it tomorrow morning before hitting Chapters Nine and Ten. I am very, very happy with my progress.

Going to do anything but read for the rest of the night!

Slán, you merry motherfuckers.