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So, as you might’ve noticed there is very little activity going on here these days. Well, that’s because Brigid and I are moving! It’s actually pretty far when you consider all things, but we’re not “going anywhere” in the sense that friendships will be shattered or jobs will be changed.

Brigid and I, after some discussions over the spring and summer, decided to sell the house in Howell and move closer to Detroit proper. So we bought a house right on the Grosse Pointe Woods/Harper Woods line and will hopefully be closing/moving at the end of September.

We’re both really excited at the opportunities this presents us with.

So expect more news eventually. Also expect the third-annual “Kit Day” posts soon-ish.

Cheers, everyone.

Upcoming Plans!

Hey guys!

The waiting  is nearly at an end, my busy summer is coming to a close and I’ll be able to devote more time to writing and posting here as well as devoting more time to my book again.

If you haven’t guessed I mostly took July off from writing to focus on Detroit City’s season. We’ve had a hell of a run so far and we are primed to bring back some silverware this weekend. I also managed to drag Brigid to Germany and we toured the Fransconian region of Bavaria drinking plenty of wine and beer as we went. I always have time to go back to Germany.

Up coming plans for posts:

  • Map making post, I posted some stuff on twitter I plan to elaborate a bit on this in a longer update

  • Conlanging, I have returned to square one with my Hadysh conlanging and I will be sharing some of my processes/insights again

  • Detroit City FC wrap-up, not that I posted much in the middle but I want to share my thoughts after an amazing season

  • General notes about writing and where my writing is and is going

So all-in-all expect more of the same, just not silence.

Sláinte everyone.


Now my site actually fills up your screen. Enjoy.

Also, I’m not dead – just busy.


Also, also to Dunes8 on imgur. Until they properly balance the first stage of the game, Starbound will always be a shitty knock-off of Terraria that tries to distract you from its lack of depth with spaceships.



The Hills Remember

Check it. I posted a one-shot story on the Paradox forums: The Hills Remember.

Please consider that I write these usually in one sitting and they represent mostly practice for me. There are likely mistakes and it likely comes to a quick end because it is nearly 9 and I haven’t eaten or showered yet.

Also, if you haven’t noticed, I’ve added my wife’s website to the top bar. Please check out her stuff. She works a lot harder than I do and deserves some love.

Sláinte, bitches.

Work in Progess

I guess this is where one would normally say “welcome to the site check back later when I am done fiddling with things.” Chances are I’ll never be done fiddling with things so…

This is my site. It is rather barren right now as I work with a good friend of mine learning tips of the trade when it comes to working on this. Eventually you’ll see my (usually) NC-17-ish twitter handle and get to listen to me talk about things I care about such as: my wife, my job, my writing, my sports, my house. “Normal” stuff. I’ll probably also talk about other cool stuff and some stuff you won’t care about but I do.

So there.

Welcome to my site. Sit down. Buckle up.