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The Unnamed Series – Updates, Ideas, Schedules, And So On…

Okay, so a few people recently have asked to be added to a small but growing list of people interested in reading my books as soon as possible.

First, let me just say that that is just fucking awesome, and I am greatly, greatly appreciative. It’s really cool that without having published a single word, people are interested. So thank you guys. Your interest and kind words a definitely a part of what keeps me trucking.

So let’s talk about where my four books are currently:



Sun-King is currently the only book that has been finished and is completely “set to go” from a writer’s standpoint. However from a publisher’s perspective it has a long way to go. It has no cover. There are some tweaks it needs to align it more closely with my current vision of the series, which has shifted slightly after certain events in American politics.

What’s that you say? Politics in a fantasy? Crazy, right? Actually not really. Art and politics are connected like conjoined twins.

Anyway, the tweaks shouldn’t be major and only take a few weeks to complete and get smoothed over. Once that is done? Well, that starts to get complicated so we’ll come back to that.


Unnamed Book Two

Book Two has gone to first readers and was first read. They were extremely helpful and I really appreciate the work they put into it. Were you hoping to get into that action? I’m sorry I didn’t extend that out to more people. I’ve gotten much better first reader responses from randos than from friends and family. My first drafts are usually somewhere between “written in feces on a bathroom stall” and “fanfic.net” in quality. They rarely make it out the door. My “rough draft” of Book Two was actually a second draft of a third attempt at writing it.

Maybe that’s an exaggeration…

But they are really, really rough. That’s because I usually write with only the barest outline and so I drop a lot of lines to see what sort of fish bite. I introduce a lot of plot hooks and a lot of characters to see how they all interact and how they make me feel. Then in later passes I will cut these down, expand others, and adjust as needed. Between drafts three and four of Sun-King I literally cut an entire main character, which was not easy.

Book Two is probably going to be the focus of my break, it’ll undergo some very big revisions. Right now I am looking at a net addition of two chapters though I’ve only got notes for about half of the book. I expect/want to finish that up before my break starts. Lots of minor characters cut, plot hooks cut, and hopefully draft three will be good enough for a second set of first readers, so stay prepared.



Night-Queen is just a very, very long plot draft right now. It’s about 16,000 words long and is just a paragraph or two per chapter (I literally have a document called “fixing it all”). As it stands I predict it’ll be about 74 chapters and roughly 160,000 words long. For comparison, Sun-King is about 118,000 and Book Two is roughly 127,000 which I expect to swell to roughly 132,000 (from 127,000) by the end.

When I actually get around to writing book three, which will be sooner than later, I expect the process to be a bit faster than usual because it’ll be much more plotted out than my previous works when I’ve started them. But I don’t want to throw out any dates right now.


Unnamed Book Four

So Book Four is currently just a 2,500 word plot synopsis that needs to grow into a full 15,000 worder like Night-Queen. I expect, as of now, for this to be closer in length to Book Two. This’ll wrap things up for this story and these characters, but I do have more planned in this world, which I plan to explore at different time-frames and with different characters. But that’s not really for now. As of now, Book Four has had the least amount of thought put into it and that is a tad scary because I need a goal to aim for as I continue to put words down into word docs.

After revisions are finished with the first two books, I will consider finishing the plotting for Book Four before even touching Night-Queen. Not sure.


Publishing Side

The other issue, which I touched on briefly above, is the whole publishing side of things. Covers. Formatting for print, kindle, nook, kobo… there’s a lot to be done and I’ve got a lot to learn. I also need to set up an actual publisher webpage that doesn’t just redirect here, set up some preview copies to get some reviews in early to help release-day traffic. I need to get a twitter set up and tweeting my book and writing related news in such a way that it doesn’t pester the uninterested but is easy to find for the interested. I’ll still talk about writing here and on my personal twitter, but expect most business stuff to come from my business twitter once that gets set up.

So if you’re one of those people excited to read my book(s) this is where you’ll be the most helpful – reviews = standing, standing = sales, sales = my ego.

I’m only partially kidding there.

So there is a lot to do. A lot. And I only know how to do some of it. I’m excited to learn, though. I’m excited to get these out to you guys.

So let’s end on a mixed note. They say that telling people your goals is counter-productive. You assume that they’ll hold you to it, but that isn’t true. Instead you get the same mental release as completing it, but you haven’t completed it. And it isn’t anyone’s job but my own to get all this finished. That’s the downer.

The upper is that I think I have a schedule, in my head, and it is doable. The part I am willing to share is that once the first book is out, I’ll be releasing them in an orderly fashion every six months. The hard part is releasing Sun-King, which is contingent on the other books being nearly wrapped up. My gut says to publish it I need Book Four to be in a second draft phase.

We’ll see.

Anyway, this is a lot of time spent writing here and not in my books.

Cheers, everyone.

Draft III is Done

I’ve wrapped up my line edits of draft III in a nearly 100-page spree of grammar and clunkiness now made more grammary and less clunky. The final word count was 117,974.

If you want to know how I feel it is mostly awesome but also sort of worn out, it was hard getting here the way I did but I am better for the journey.

I think the correct next steps is to get a good meal in me, maybe a stiff drink or two, write about some soccer perhaps? But most certainly, get to work on book 2.

Book 2 has to be top priority now that Sun-King is finished. It is being started over essentially from scratch as well and will hopefully help broaden the series to “epic” levels.

But for now, the big thing I’m facing is that I chose writing over eating this morning and afternoon. Now I am rather hungry. I should get to fixing that. I can really go for a hotdog.

Word Count: 77,034

Read ’em and weep boys and girls.

That’s more than 10,000 words in a single day. Hell. Like a three-quarters day. But I am done for today. I might be done for tomorrow too, we shall see.

Since December 20th I’ve been on holiday, a long break away from my work and the things that happen there. A new year is starting and I am both nervous and excited to get started. However, when the break started I told myself if all possible I’d work through the break on my book. Work on getting it to function better and read better and in general just be better.

I think I’ve done that. I think I’ve been largely successful.

I also managed to kick the habit of wasting too much of my free time on video games. Don’t get me wrong, I love video games. I’m not trying to remove them from my life, but they are great at distracting me from my goals. Sometimes that is a good thing. Sometimes I need a break.

In these two weeks I’ve only briefly played Minecraft and it was always with Brigid and only after I had met word targets.

But now that the break is over, I am planning on not pushing myself quite so hard with the writing. The lion’s share has been put to paper and no one can say that I slacked off this break. 77,000 words in 19 days. Its going to take a while to beat that!

Sláinte, bitches! And go Lions!

Word Count: 56,726

Athbhliain faoi mhaise daoibh!

Yes, this is a bit later that usual and it is because of New Years. Brigid and I are up and writing as 2014 ticks down to nothing. Today has been a good day for me. Lots of words put to page. Lots of work done behind the scenes.

Went through a rather weak chapter, I got something on the page hopefully ideas will come to me or my first re-readers will help find some ideas to strengthen it. Mostly it seems like wasting time. I can try to put some more meat to it, but in the end I am just adding more wasting time.

Speaking of time, I realized that my original dates in the book were wrong. It came to a miscalculation of timing. Essentially when I originally did the calculation I wrote “4 days” instead of “14 days.” Took about an hour to realize the error and figure out how I wanted to handle it.

After that was taken care of I came to two of my stronger chapters that were easier to copy full-sale. Having reworked previous chapters it was rather easy to pin-point any issues and correct them in these two. Character are a bit more consistent.

So that is where I am left right now. I am considering relooking over the weak chapter before I move on with that specific plot, but as of now something is on the page so good enough.

Slán abhaile!

Word Count: 50,635


Wrapping up early tonight. These last few days have seen some great numbers being made and I’m very pleased with that. Today’s numbers are definitely short of yesterday’s but that is okay. There was significantly more new material for today. Went through the first half of a bumpy scene and am currently redoing another meandering scene to give it a bit of meaning and purpose.

That means taking significant steps away from what’s already on the page or knowing how to repurpose it, which takes a bit more time.

I also have a dishwasher to fight with, so there is that as well.

At this rate I’m hoping to wrap up the rewrite and get it out to the first readers again in February. That’s my hope anyway. I still have a few days left on my break so I got to use it as best as I can.

Anyway, I am getting sleepy. Might have some coffee or whiskey or both.

Sláinte, bitches!

Word Count: 46,391

Woo boy. Lot got done today. Chapter Thirteen ended up getting the axe, though I assume some bit of it will live on in later parts of the book. Meanwhile considerable headway was made into the rest of the book. All the while I wrote a huge post here. So yeah. Successful day!

Oíche mhaith!

Word Count: 34,009

A little shy of 4,000 today. Good record. Blew through a lot of book. Caught up to Chapter Eleven, working through some stuff there. Got to think a bit tonight on where I want to go and keep on keeping on.

Oíche mhaith, bitches.